How to Choose a Graphics Tablet that meet Your Needs

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The first time I tried a HUION pen tablets is only comparable with the day I discovered Photoshop, bought my first laptop, tested an Apple computer or I met my girlfriend for the first time – geek joke, honey. But, why are HUION pen tablets so special? In this post we’ll review the advantages of these tablets.

Choosing the Correct Pen Tablets

  1. In my opinion, it must be a HUION pen tablets.
  2. The most relevant technical specification is pressure sensitivity. The more, the better.
  3. Smaller tablets are better, cheaper, easier to fit into your desktop, and they work just like the bigger ones. I would only choose the big model if you’re going to use it for CAD.
  4. Think about the use you’ll give to your tablet. If you want if for painting, coloring and photo manipulation, it will be 100% useful. There are second hand markets or brand new old models. They are really worth checking.

My Experience

My first pen tablet was an HUION pen tablet I bought 2 years ago, when I still was a Psychology student and I was starting to color in Photoshop. I had some doubt about purchasing it because I didn’t have any resources, but my girlfriend convinced me to buy it on a whim, without knowing that she was driving me to take the first step to professionalism. Its design was terrible, it looked like a cardboard box with a very cheap pen, but it worked really well.

With my tablet I increased my productivity, and as a result, my quality. What used to take me endless sessions of work in the past, now I could do it in a few hours.

My last acquisition is a precious HUION pen tablet From the moment I bought it, I forgot about pencil and papers and now I make my sketches directly in Photoshop. I must say that I haven’t noticed a meaningful advance in coloring, but it’s much better when it comes to drawing, an unresolved matter for tablets.

In the video below, you can watch my HUION pen tablet at work.



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