Better collaboration
and communication


At Huion, we provide the interactive smart panel KAMVAS HUB for better immersive learning in smart digital classroom environments, with a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom, and natural handwriting experience for teachers and students to collaborate with ease. And also for your business, with the KAMVAS HUB, your team can collaborate and present without limitations, and the meeting and training will be more collaborative and more efficient.

KAMVAS HUB delivers a high level of interaction, helping to save time and stay organized; it is the trustworthy interactive solution for classroom and business connectivity.

KAMVAS HUB is a seven-in-one package to replace your projector, whiteboard and computer, etc. All the panels are with a 4K ultra HD display and customizable OPS Module to bring you dual operating system experience. The panels feature ten-point multi-touch function, leading edge IR & EMR input technologies, and one-touch sharing function allowing for easy connection to other digital devices. And there are 3 screen sizes- from 65 inches to 86 inches for your choice.

Now take a closer look at the KAMVAS HUB

collaboration at your fingertips and the art of writing

Easily switchable android and windows dual operating system with ample kinds of compatible software.

Wireless sharing screen between the HUB and your PDA such as cellphone and laptop by just pressing one button.

  • Excellent for remote conference, training, education and entertainment, etc.
  • Ultra high definition (4K) LED screen with lifelike displaying effect
  • Fluently and exquisitely like using a normal pen with EMR Technology especially when you are drawing a picture; palm rejection helps you concentrate on writing without worrying about leaving any unwanted marks behind.
  • Ten points touch and easy to rotate and zoom in and out on objects.