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  • G10T
GT-156HD V2
GT-156HD V2
to bring you higher efficiency.
4 times increase in pressure sensitivity levels.
Improvement realized on pressure sensitivity levels enables your drawing skills to be fully revealed in the lines. 4 times higher pressure sensitivity helps to render the pressure applied to pen more vividly.
Higher performance to get you more time-efficient.
The performance of the touch bar is 3 times increased to further facilitate your works on zooming canvas, adjusting brush and scrolling pages. Besides, altogether there are 14 programmable express keys to bring you more convenience.
Color remains true to life.
Pen display GT-156HD V2 allows you to liven up your creation on the screen with its wide color gamut.
High quality imaging
1920×1080 resolution enables you to have a clearer picture of what you are creating, and therefore minimize the possibility of flaw occurrence.
Sometimes inspiration
is hidden at a certain angle.
Multi-level adjustable stand allows you to create at your best angle that enables you get inspired.
Secure tidiness, secure inspiration.
A three-in-one cable not only supports connections to power, USB and HDMI, but also ensures you a tidy desktop. The hidden mini USB interface is deepened to prevent unintended fall-off of cable and protect the intactness of your works.