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GT-191 V2

Innovation brings
lifelike presentation.

Kamvas GT-191 V2

Your talent needs no spotlight to distinguish.

19.5inch Kamvas GT-191 V2 developed with battery-free electromagnetic resonance technology is specially designed for creative workers. Compact and narrow frame ensures sufficient working area for your creation.

Digital art,
digital canvas.

Render your creativity clearly and authentically.

FHD IPS screen that boasts 1920×1080 in resolution,
enables more lifelike presentation and delicate details.

Details are vividly presented.

Application of anti-glare glass greatly reduces harmful glare reflected on the screen.
178° viewing angle secures the same visual effects seen from different angles.

True to life colors.

The gamut of 100%sRGB and 16.7 million colors ensure users natural visual effects, bringing you to the lively world beyond the screen.

Detail delicacy unfolded in high quality imaging.

5080LPI pen resolution ensures accurate response to any tiny movement of the pen, with each line input being natural and smooth.

The pen that inspires.

Professional battery-free digital pen.

Unleash your creativity constantly with digital pen PW500. As the battery free electromagnetic resonance technology is applied, the pen needs no battery and charge. Dual buttons on the pen are programmable and with feature that prevents unintended press.

8192 levels of presure sensitivity rendered by a flexible nib.

A flexible nib is applied to imitate the feeling of drawing on real paper. The industry leading pressure sensitivity, 8192 levels, enables vivid rendering of lines input with different pressure .

Intact lines with minimized lagging.

The report rate of 266PPS makes input of smooth and constant lines a reality, with minimized occurrence of lagging even in quick scribbling.

A cute pen holder.

Pen holder with a nib clip for nib replacement supports both vertical and horizontal pen placement.

Your exclusive studio.

Create at your best angle.

Angles available for stand adjustment vary from 20° to 80°, which is ergonomically designed and easy to operate. Fix the stand to an angle that fits you most through pulling the slider of the stand.

Facilitate your way of connection.

HDMI port is available for transmission of high quality images. Other interfaces including VGA and DVI are all available for connection of various purposes.