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  • G10T
GT-220 V2
Huion Pen Display GT-220 V2
Express yourself freely on Huion pen display
GT-220 V2 without any restriction.
21.5 inch IPS screen
5080 LPI
more delicacy to be revealed in your work
8192 Levels
lifelike rendering of lines input
233 PPS
Constant and smooth lines
More essence of your works
to be explored.
Pen display GT-220 V2 with an IPS
screen that boasts 1920×1080 resolution ensures better
presentation of the works you create.
Unleash your creativity on Huion pen display
GT-220 V2 that is developed with the
industry-leading 8192 pressure sensitivity levels.
Create at your ideal angle.
Angles available for stand adjustment vary from 20° to 80° , which is ergonomically designed and easy to operate. Fix the stand to an angle that fits you most through simple backward or forward folding.
Both Windows and macOS are supported on Kamvas GT-220 V2.