Fun is simple.

Pen tablet HS64

Minimalist Style.

8mm thick pen tablet HS64 is designed in a minimalist style with starry dots on the surface, where the functionality and minimalism are combined.

Small and enjoyable.

Pen tablet HS64 with 6.3×4 inch working that is area that is big enough for drawing and gaming is sure to bring users enjoyable experience.

Bring your creativity to a new height.

Better drawing experience.

Upgraded pressure sensitivity that boasts 8192 levels renders the movement of and pressure applied to the pen nib with higher accuracy and better performance.
2048 Levels
8192 Levels

Delicacy unfolded in details.

5080LPI pen resolution enables you to express yourself freely and focus more on details. The higher the value is, more detailed modification can be realized on your works.

Free outburst of creativity.

>233PPS report rate minimizes the occurrence of lagging or broken lines, no matter how fast you draw. Express yourself freely with both smooth quick strokes and delicate detail modifications.

Digital drawing can be easier.

Create without interruption.

Battery-free pressure sensitive digital pen brings you smooth experience as you are drawing and gaming. No need of battery and power charge enables you to create without interruption.
  • Battery-free
  • 8192Levels
  • 5080LPI

Draw the way you prefer.

4 programmable express keys with comfortable touch are ready to have your work efficiency improved.


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