Larger workspace for
creativity realization.

Inspiroy NEW 1060 PLUS

Draw freely to unleash your creativity.

New 1060 Plus of 10×6.25 inch working area and thickness of only 10mm will ensure you sufficient space to unleash your creativity.

Drawing experience
that is beyond

To trigger breakthrough in creation.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity help to bring your creating to a new height as each line input is rendered more delicately with higher accuracy.

Smooth and accurate pen stroke presentation.

233PPS report rate ensures instant response with minimized lagging and a higher accuracy in drawing. Breakthrough in your drawings will be made, as the performance of the tablet is constantly optimized.

Delicacy unfolded in pixels.

Lines created by your pen can be accurately captured with the help of 5080LPI pen resolution, and therefore lifelike presentation on the screen can even reveal the delicacy of each pixel.

All efforts done to bring
you more convenience.

Active and smart wireless pen.

Nonradioactive digital pen PEN80 which weighs 14g only is applied with independently developed smart chip that ensures better stability and accuracy.The inbuilt circuit enables PEN80 to activate sleep mode automatically if it is left aside for more than 10 minutes.
  • 14g light
  • 10min auto sleep

Access created to meet your request.

2+16 express keys enable users to create with higher efficiency.

Outstanding quality + 8G memory.

All NEW 1060 PLUS delivered to end users have survived multiple rigorous quality tests and are accompanied with a one-year warranty. An 8G TF card(which can be upgraded to 64G) will also be provided.


Technical Specifications


OS Compatibility

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