Die neuen digitalen Produkte von Huion sind auf der CES 2018 zu sehen
Zeitrum:  2018-01-13 19:05:00
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The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, was staged at Las Vegas in the United States from January 9 to 12, which has been acclaimed as the top expo of world science and technologies. As the supplier of the professional original chirography handwriting input devices, Huion has brought its leading digital writing and painting products, as well as great product experience to the audience from around the world.


At the exhibition, Huion displayed several digital products such as KAMVAS Series Pen Displays, INSPIROY series Pen Tablets and LED Light Pads, demonstrating their extensive application in the domain of electromagnetic handwriting input.


Since its release , the Huion INSPIROY H430P, H640P, and H950P pen tablet series has continuous attracted the attention of numerous visitors. With the design concept of the plying-up of full shroud plates and the evolution from narrow bezel to frameless, they remove any obstacles that might occur when the users do their creation with their hands , thus making painting smoother. Moreover, Huion’s latest H430P pen tablet made its first appearance at CES. It is, as of now, the thinnest digital product of Huion, only 6.3mm thick, more convenient for users to play the OSU game, paint or design, which attracted many visitors for experiencing.


At the booth, we caught sight of the KAMVAS GT-221Pro pen display which is equipped with a large-size screen and 20 customized press keys. As a professional creative digital tool, it carries the 8192-grade pressure sensitivity and ensures the ultra-high reading speed, thus able to satisfy users’ high demand for the feeling during painting and ensure the outstanding writing experience at any moment. Its 21.5-inch HD IPS display screen features high brightness, high contrast, high color-saturation and high resolution so to provide full and natural colors while ensuring a broader view.

Mit fast zehn Jahren unabhängiger Innovation und unermüdlichen Bemühungen ist Huion jetzt die zweitgrößte Marke für Pen-Tablets für Verbrauchszwecke der Welt. Seine Produkte werden in mehr als 50 Ländern und Regionen verkauft, einschließlich Nordamerika, Europa, Südostasien und Ländern wie Japan, Südkorea usw. Sie sind weit verbreitet in solchen digitalen Kreativsektoren wie digitales Zeichnen, Spezialeffekte für Spielfilme Produktion, Kartoon, Grafikdesign und 3D, die den Verbrauchern weltweit das chinesische individuelle Design und die Stärke intelligenter Hardware demonstrieren.