Huion for Medical Care
Patients Can Receive Treatment Faster.
Develope Smart Hospitals
Traditional healthcare process leads to daily paper consumption and long healthcare waiting time. In this context, Huion offers paperless solutions that apply e-signing devices combined with other equipment and the hospital management system, to realize electronic signature processing and electronic storage of forms, laying the foundation for medical records digitization.
  • With Huion devices, patients can rapidly check and sign consent forms electronically, thereby decreasing the healthcare wait time.
  • Paperless workflow helps manage and archive the business material electronically, which is low-cost and high-efficiency.
  • An intelligent e-signing device allows simpler and more convenient operation than traditional writing and mouse action.
Application Scenarios
Electronic Health Record
Embedded in the hospital management system, Huion e-signing devices enable speedier operation, faster updating of electronic health records, and easier filing and viewing by integrating document scanning, identification, etc., enhancing health care efficiency.
Electronic Surgical Consent Form
Signing documents digitally is easier and more convenient, which makes it simpler for families to confirm and sign consent forms promptly to avoid delays in medical treatment and disputes, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise.
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