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Huion provides technical supports to help customers solve problems that vary from driver installation to SDK customization, which is taken as one of Huion's priorities to ensure better customer experience.
Specify your issue and get corresponding support.
  • Driver & Manual
    The most up-to-date drivers and manuals available for sample models.
  • OEM & ODM
    Contact us for a quick and customized OEM and ODM solution.
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  • DEMO
    Contact us to customize DEMO to adapt to paperless operations.
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  • SDK
    Contact us to get SDK for customization.
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  • Huion Note
    Get the latest Huion Note APP installation package.

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  • PDF Reader
    Contact us for electronic reading and signing tools for PDF documents.
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  • Electronic Contract
    Contact us for a one-stop platform for electronic contract signing and management services.
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