Digitalization of Education
New Trends in Teaching and Learning
With the advent of the Data Age, the digitalization of education has become an inevitable trend due to its flexibility and convenience. Huion education solutions combine new technologies such as intelligent hardware and digital interaction with traditional education to assist schools in providing more diverse ways of teaching and learning, creating a green, smart, and efficient teaching environment for teachers and students.
More Efficient
Teachers can choose several teaching modes such as one-to-one, and one-to-many teaching modes as the handwriting of teachers and students can be displayed simultaneously.
More Interactive
Create an interactive classroom with Bluetooth pen tablets, which can support up to 60 devices interconnected in real time.
More Convenient
Our plug-and-play teaching devices allow teachers to start teaching activities such as distance education easily with the pen tablet.
More Eco-friendly
Greatly reduce dust pollution and the cost of paper and pencils, etc., realizing low-cost, high-efficiency digital teaching.
Education Solutions
Smart Classroom
Teachers can use the smart screen to present classroom lessons, illustrated textbooks, original handwritten annotations, etc., while students can use the pen tablet to solve problems, thus improving teaching quality.
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Distance Education
Huion brings traditional "blackboard writing" online and enables remote tutoring. Teachers can demonstrate the lessons online, and students can also handwrite online for practice, achieving real-time two-way interaction.
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Digital Art Classroom
With the advanced electromagnetic pen technology as the core, and the great compatibility with drawing applications, Huion pen tablets and pen displays transform traditional art teaching into a digital one, promoting the development of art education.
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Our Customers
  • SUSTech
  • MUC
  • SJFH
  • Fuzhou Polytechnic
  • New Oriental
  • Zhengzhou University of Technology
  • Shaanxi Vocational and Technical College
  • Qingdao Academy
  • Chuzhou Second Primary School
  • Asian Academy Of Flins And Television
  • MACC
  • ST.Gabrile's College
  • Hexagon Institute Of Art & Design
  • University of Makati
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