Huion  Solution
Huion is committed to providing comprehensive and customizable solutions for enterprises and organizations in digital handwriting input, including hardware and software development.
Original Handwriting
  • Natural Strokes
    Capture every subtle change in strokes.
  • Battery-free EMR
    No battery and no charging. More eco-friendly and convenient.
  • Strong Compatibility
    Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android OS, etc. Support Microsoft Office, PS, SAI, CDR, etc.
  • Valid E-signature
    Digital certificates are accessible, making e-signature efficient, secure, and cost-effective.
Select Your Industry
Business & Office Work
The paperless office leads to higher work efficiency, cost reduction, execution improvement, and better management.
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Finance & Insurance
Electronic account opening, stamping and signing, and automatic archiving help reduce manpower consumption.
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Government & Public sectors
Convert paper-based workflows into digital ones, making approval a one-step job.
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Retail & Service
Streamline the payment process for convenient shopping and speedy transactions.
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Medical Care
Facilitate patient data management and surgical confirmation signature to streamline the healthcare processes.
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Hospitality & Tourism
Help hotels improve service quality and efficiency by supplying them with paperless solutions for check-in and check-out.
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Streamline Workflow
Improve Productivity
With the increasing popularity of the internet and digitization, it is in the interest of governments and enterprises to carry out a complete digital transformation. In this context, Huion has launched various e-signing products based on digital original handwriting technology. Huion e-signing devices are capable of performing operations such as drawing, presentation, signing, annotating, editing, and managing documents. In this way, business processing and communication during meetings become paperless, more efficient, and cannot be limited by space or time.
  • Fast Approval
  • Comprehensive Database
  • Effective Communication
  • Decreasing Cost
  • Simplified Process
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Signature Capture
    Support accurate handwritten biometric recognition on various devices and applications.
  • Signature Validation
    Support automatic comparison with previous e-signatures for verifying authenticity.
  • Annotation
    Support handwritten notes and sketches for intuitive representation of personal thoughts.
  • Form Processing
    Support automatic recognition of handwritten contents and signatures on paper forms for instant digitization.
Why Choose Us?
Strong R&D Strength
As one of the leading graphic input solution suppliers in China, Huion has deeply engaged in electromagnetic original handwriting technology for more than ten years, with a first-class R&D team, a complete production line, and 172 authorized patents.
Diverse and Excellent Products
Huion provides not only world-class hardware products but also customized software products to meet the individual needs of enterprises.
SDK Is Available
Our SDK offers spatial coordinates x/y, pressure, etc. of the signature for handwritten biometric recognition, and is adaptable to a large number of applications and systems.
Quality Service and Technical Support
Relying on the huge market, Huion has built a strong marketing network spreading over 100 countries and regions with Shenzhen city as the core, bringing global customers around-the-clock and professional technical support and customer service.
Our Customers
  • School
    University of Makati Zhengzhou University of Technology
    Fuzhou Polytechnic Qingdao Academy
  • Government
    China's Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration, MPS CSG
    Institute of Metrology of Hebei Province Household Registration System of PSB
  • Public Service
    China Unicom China Telecom CNPC
    Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • Bank
    Bank of Jiangsu China Bohai Bank
    Guangxi Rural Credit Union
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