Introduce Brand-new
Face-to-face Teaching.
Upgraded Digital
Teaching Methods
In the smart classroom, Huion original handwriting input solutions digitize traditional teaching modes through digital teaching platforms and equipment, optimize teaching processes in all aspects, and help provide an intelligent teaching environment, organically integrating the advanced original handwriting input technology with smart teaching.
Intelligent Interaction
Through Huion intelligent devices, a variety of interactive learning and teaching modes can be accessed in kinds of teaching scenarios.
Handwriting Experience
Advanced original handwriting input technology and touch screen technology bring a natural high-precision handwriting experience.
Strong Compatibility
Support mainstream OS and various drawing and design software for teaching, improving teaching practices.
Application Scenarios
Teacher Terminal Equipment
The interactive smart screen integrates traditional blackboard writing into the smart classroom as teachers can write, draw, drag, and zoom on the touch screen. Enabling access to educational resources, real-time marking, synchronized displays, etc., the smart screen helps create a seminar-style, experiential, and innovative learning environment.
Recommended Models
Student Terminal Equipment
Intelligent Interaction
As dozens of pen tablets are connected through Bluetooth mesh networking, the contents can be transmitted to the teacher's end simultaneously in digital format for tracking students' progress in real time.
Recommended Model
Classroom Notes
Connected with the Huion Note app, the smart digital notebook supports real-time synchronized writing, note record and replay, etc., enhancing learning efficiency considerably. It also works as a pen tablet when connected to a computer.
Recommended Model
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