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Huion Technology
Huion focuses on the technological development of handwriting input as handwriting input feels most natural and convenient compared with other methods of digital interaction, thus bringing a better experience in creation, work, and education for users with advanced technology, a wide variety of products, and quality service.
Original Handwriting Electromagnetic Resonance(EMR) Technology
With the communication between electromagnetic signals released by the digital pen and antenna board, EMR technology enables the original handwriting effect by collecting and transferring handwriting information to the computer, such as pen coordinates and pressure values.
PenTech 3.0
Based on the change in the capacitance under pressure, it's the 3rd generation of Huion pen technology that guarantees more accurate strokes and a more stable pencil-like writing experience by shortening the retraction distance.
High-precision Electromagnetic Sensing Technology
It features 8192 levels of instant pressure sensitivity, thus enabling accurate calculation of the pen pressure, which allows the lines of various shapes and saturations to be reproduced delicately and naturally on the screen in real time.
Handwriting Comparison Technology
It is an effective combination of pen technology and handwritten electronic signature, which ensures the safety and reliability of digital data as well as the legality of the electronic signature.
Huion Electromagnetic Module
EMR Technology works based on the electromagnetic module. Adopting the principle of electromagnetic induction, the module senses pen coordinates and calculates pressure accurately through the high-performance chip and low-energy circuit system to render lines organically and reproduce the original handwriting. To accommodate diverse application scenarios, the electromagnetic module supports customization - size, form, etc.
E-signing Display
Reproducing the original handwriting, the e-signing display plays an important role in realizing a paperless office as signing, form processing, making notations, etc. can be performed digitally with great ease.
Support hardware and software customizations to meet the demands of enterprises in different industries.
>Optional Camera
> Card Reading
> Fingerprint Collection
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Smart Notebook
Equipped with a specially designed application, the smart notebook possesses useful features such as real-time synchronized writing, offline storage, one-click sharing, and Bluetooth connection. Enhance work efficiency considerably.
Support custom logo, gift packaging, product cover, etc.
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E-ink Display
As a perfect combination of software and hardware, the e-ink display supports handwriting-to-text conversion, e-book reading, split-screen note-taking, and so on. Beneficial to work, reading, and creation.
Support custom logo, gift packaging, product cover, etc.
Android Tablet
The Android tablet with a built-in operating system replaces both the pen display and the tablet computer, providing digital original handwriting solutions in teaching presentations, distance learning, designing, e-signing, digital painting, etc. Support custom system development for industries, including desktops, UI, and other functions.
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Smart Screen
The smart screen adopts infrared touch technology and significantly improves human-machine interaction, which allows visual communication and collaboration in education training and meetings, offering professional and effective solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors.
Multiple functions, sizes, and OPS for your option.
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