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Huion's paperless office solutions are widely used in office e-signing and cloud meetings. Enterprises and public institutions use the Huion e-signing tablets and displays for paperless signatures, and use the smart screen for meeting interaction, making the office paperless, intelligent, and cost-effective.
  • Make cumbersome workflows and meetings paperless, saving management and operational costs.
  • Digitized forms and documents can be viewed more quickly without tedious work such as printing and scanning.
  • Make the office work no longer restricted by time and place, allowing employees to work more simply and efficiently.
Application Scenarios
Daily Office Work
Connect Huion Note to your mobile phone, and use it with Huion Note APP for real-time synchronized writing, recording playback, etc. It is used in a wide range of paperless office scenarios, including meeting minutes, original handwriting annotations and more.
Recommended Model:
It is possible to create electronic signatures with legal effect and original handwritten annotations on the screen together with a stylus.
Recommended Models:
Smart Meeting
Meeting content can be presented on the smart screen via mobile phones or tablets, with electromagnetic induction technology and infrared technology for intelligent interaction to carry out intuitive and efficient meetings.
Recommended Model:
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