Huion for Hospitality & Tourism
Go Paperless for Fast Check-in.
Facilitate Low-carbon Tourism
In contrast to labor-intensive paper-based processes in the hospitality industry, Huion paperless solutions enable more efficient and green check-in and check-out processes, and documents are stored electronically, making it easier for staff to view and manage them.
  • Check personal and billing information on the e-signing display, simplifying the operation process.
  • Save customer data digitally and encrypt it to protect privacy, which is safe, low-cost, and efficient.
  • Paperless check-in and check-out processes improve customer service quality greatly.
  • Integrated electronic module enables camera, display, etc., offering card recognition, video playing, and so on.
Application Scenarios
Paperless Reception
Huion paperless solutions reduce operational costs compared with traditional hotel operation processes and enhance the customer experience through online services.
Digital Tourism
Customers can learn about information on travel resources, scenic routes, and trip costs, and make a reservation as well on the Huion e-signing display, which reduces redundancies in the business processes.
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