We all love good novels and movies. Those wonderful stories show us possibilities that happen far in the future or adventures happen in distant worlds. But sometimes the stories set in a certain year. There was a space odyssey happened in 2001, Harry Porter sent little Albus to school in 2017, Roy Batty the android passed away in 2019… And now the Year 2020 is here.
What will happen in 2020, what will the world looks like in 2020, join in #Huion2020 drawing challenge, draw your imagination down!
  • Submission
  • Judging Period
  • Winner
  • February 20th
  • March 30th
  • March 31st
  • April 06th
  • April 07th
Kamvas Pro 22(2019)
Kamvas Pro 16
Kamvas 13
  • 1. Participant’s artwork should reflect an artist’s original interpretation of theme Distant Worlds in 2020. Participants can illustrate characters living in a futuristic/fantastic world in 2020, or you can draw the environment of a futuristic/fantastic world in 2020. For example, what will the city you live in looks like in a futuristic/fantastic theme? Huion Logo must be a built-in element of submitted artwork(s), rather than harshly copy and paste. The artwork can be inspired or paid tribute to public intellectual property. Fan-art or redraw are not allowed.
  • 2. Entries must be conceived and completed by the participants AFTER the theme reveal date (February20th, 2020) and submitted to huion.com BEFORE 23:59, 59, March 30th .
  • 3. Participants are required to sign up as a user on www.huion.com and submit their entries on www.huion.com. The entries will be published after being VERIFIED. Please notice once the work is submitted and verified, it won’t be able to do any alternation. If you do need to make correction/alteration, please contact contest@huion.com.
  • 4. Step-by-step upload process:
    1) Register as an Huion.com user and Login
    2) Go to “My Creation”
    3) Fill in the title, select the category of your creation
    4) Select the event “Huion2020-Contest”
    5) Select related tag for your artwork
    6) Describe your artwork and list out the reference(s) if you have any, Drawing Challenge entry that did not present its reference(s) may lead to being identified as plagiarism.
    7) Upload your artwork
    8) Hit “UPLOAD” button and agree to the consent, and wait for the verification~
  • 5. Both traditional and digital art are welcomed. Resolution of participant’s submission should be 300DPI or more, and the artwork resolution should be 3:2 or 15:10. Traditional artwork must be scanned in high definition. Please notice all entries will be judged simultaneously together no matter what art form was used.
  • Q: Are there any limits to the number of entries allowed per person?
    A: The maximum limits are 3 entries.
  • Q: Is there an age restriction?
    A: There is no age restriction.
  • Q: Is there a region restriction?
    A: The challenge is open to worldwide, no region restriction.
  • Q: Can the entry be fan art of something related to the theme?
    A: Interpretation/inspiration of public intelligence property is allowed. But the fan-art/interpretation of private intelligence property will not be counted as an official entry.
  • Q: Is more than one entry allowed?
    A: Yes, you can submit more than one entry. But the maximum limits are 3 entries.
  • Q: Can we post WIP pictures?
    A: Completeness is one of the judging standards, so we suggest you submit complete work instead of WIP work as the entry.
  • Q: How will be this challenge is judged?
    A: The entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
    1. Interpretation and the clarity of the theme
    2. Creativity, completeness, and ORIGINALITY
    3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design
    4. Overall impression
  • Q: Can I report an artwork if I found it was stealing other people’s artwork?
    A: As we stated, entries must be the original work of the applicant(s), in the sense that it must be designed after the theme reveal date (00:00, 00, February 20th, 2020). Participants shall not copy or misappropriate others works, once found, the violator will be disqualified immediately and bear all the consequences.
    If you have found the entry has copy or misappropriate others works, you can report to contest@huion.com, using the subject “Misappropriate Entry Report” and provide following information:
    1) The artwork’s info (title, artist name, etc.);
    2) The original artwork that the entry misappropriate/steal/copy;
    3) The reason you considered the entry has copy or misappropriate others works.
  • Q: What happened once I report the misappropriate entry?
    A: We will take down the entry and contact the participants for explanation. We will consult experienced artist and designer and announce the conclusion.
  • Still got a question? Please contact contest@huion.com