• LED Light Pad
    Get the spirit of sketching
LED Light Pad
Get the spirit of sketching
Good for painting creation
  • Freehand sketching platform made of special acrylic panel and professional LED Light Pad fit your profession need,fit your professional need most
  • Stable voltage and current ensure stable brightness, in addition, it will ease your eye strain together with the protective film and eye-protective LED lamp.
  • Hidden power plug prevents it from falling off or causing a poor contact due to any touch by mistake
Essential tool for sketching
  • It is easy to put in your bag with its thickness of 0.5cm and allows you to draw whenever and wherever you want
  • LED design at both sides ensure sufficient brightness, leading to high transmission that allows you to draw as you like
  • Intelligent memory touch key makes brightness adjustment and memorizing available, which means no more repeated adjustment is needed
  • Concealed LED backlight design from both sides offers sufficient brightness and the effect of diffuse reflection enables more even light source, protecting user’s eyesight at the same time.
  • 527 * 373 * 8mm’s size and ultra-slim body are designed for durable use.
  • Touch switch, intelligent adjustment of brightness, and additional memory function, offer you with the environment of free drawing.
  • Refined craftsmanship and imported organic glass are dedicated to create professional handwriting Copy platform.
  • Up to 5mm of thinness,super lightweight and ultra thin body,bring you with unprecedented perfect user experience.
  • 3.5hrs continuous battery life; 320 x 228mm working area in line with ergonomics; all creations will be left to LB4 from your handwriting.
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