Professional pen display for creative work
  • PW500 Digital Pen with professional 8192 Levels Pressure Sensitivity enables subtle lines display with highest reading rate in industrial standard
  • 100%sRGB wide Gamut, uniform and saturated colors, and smoother and more natural transition
  • In control mode with left and right hands, you can set your own operating mode with 20 customized press keys and 2 front-end touch bars
  • As a professional portable digital pen display, Kamvas Pro 13 supports creative works of professional artists and designers.
  • GT-191 V2 is our painstaking presentation to creative workers , it's a 19.5 inch passive pen display, ensuring sufficiently broad space for your creative work.
  • Incorporating new battery-free technology, PW500 Digital Pen with professional 8192 Levels,to realize faster and more flexible workflow, conceiving and creating with more time!
  • Humanized adjustable stand can be tilted up to 20°-80°, together with HV800 digital graphics micro-processing chip, helps improve its performance by 40% and reproduces your real thoughts.
  • With 8192 levels of Pressure Sensitivity, GT-221PRO is a really overwhelming product. 2 front Touch Bars, combined with 20 customized Press Keys, enables you to design as you will!
  • This model of 19.5-inch big screen is configured with 178°’ huge wide angle, reducing angular color difference and showing more precise color and more diversified pictures!
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