For the Greatest.

Huion proudly presents the greatest and most functional Kamvas Pro 27 to you - the greatest artist, with the ground-breaking Huion PenTech 4.0 pen technology and all-new Canvas Glass, regardless of your industry.


27" 4K Screen.

Boasting a 27-inch 4K Ultra HD display with innovative Canvas Glass, the monitor delivers a refreshing and delightful viewing and drawing experience.

Accurate Color

3D LUT hardware calibration and ΔE<1.5 guarantee superior color accuracy. Also, over one billion shades of color and wide color gamut coverage immerse you in true-to-life colors.

Color gamuts


PenTech 4.0.

Better grip, no-obstructive vision, solid pen tip, and precise pressure sensitivity provide an exceptional writing experience. Both the included standard and slim pens activate effortlessly with a mere 2g of force.

Ergonomic Design.

The top-mounted ports design and a flexible keyboard holder ensure a clean and inspiring creative environment.

Oversized Canvas,
Every Pixel Razor-Sharp.

Combining 4K (3840x2160) resolution with a big 27 inch [1] screen, the studio-grade display offers professional creators ample, crystal-clear workspace for tasks from illustration and animation to photo editing and visual effects.



3840 X 2160 UHD 1920 X 1080 FHD



How to Make the Color Better?
How to Make the Color Better?
  • With Wide Color Gamut Coverage.

    Kamvas Pro 27 covers sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3 color spaces [2], allowing seamless switching in the OSD [3] menu. It's the ultimate choice for creatives from fields like illustration, animation, industrial design, image editing, digital film, and more to elevate their creativity and efficiency.

    99% sRGB
    98% Adobe RGB
    97% DCI-P3
  • 1.07 Billion Display Color
    16.7 Million Display Color
    And 1 Billion Shades of Color.
    In addition to its wide color gamut coverage, Kamvas Pro 27 supports 1 billion display colors [4], delivering an extended range of shades for crisper imagery and smoother color transitions, elevating your visual experience.
  • In Each Monitor, the Colors Are Calibrated.
    Delivering top-tier image display quality to creatives has forever been the aspiration at Huion. 3D Lut Hardware calibration [5] achieves minimal color deviation on the display. Alongside the color accuracy with ΔE<1.5, a standard 2.2 Gamma value and factory calibration report [6] all ensure high color accuracy.

PenTech 4.0

Not just an upgrade in technology, but experience.

Pen to Choose, Grip to Express

Tailoring to the distinct requirements of artists across diverse industries, Kamvas Pro 27 offers not one, but two pens: one with a standard grip and another with a sleek, slim form. You can create in perfect harmony with your unique habits and preferences.

Standard Pen (PW600)[7]

Tail Eraser[8]

Easily erase unwanted marks


No need for charging

Dust-Resistant Silicone Grip

Enhanced comfort and dust-proof

3 Side Keys

Customizable shortcuts, perfect for efficient, seamless multi-software operation

Slim Pen (PW600S)[7]

Tail Eraser[8]

Easily erase unwanted marks


No need for charging


Reduce fatigue during extended use

2 Side Keys

Customizable shortcuts, for frequent and prolonged use within a software

Easily and Accurately.

Ensuring precise pen performance is a top priority for Huion. With revolutionary PenTech 4.0, the edge precision [10] of the screen was enhanced, and tilt auto-alignment [11] decreased the cursor offset issues. Moreover, we've reduced the size of the pen nib [12] to prevent any obstruction of your line of sight that might occur.

From Pen Nib to Screen.

PenTech 4.0 optimizes the retraction distance [13] from the predecessor with no more than 0.4mm to make the pen tip more stable and solid. You can choose the standard or felt pen nibs [14] (to increase friction) to your liking.

0.4 mm Retraction Distance

Standard Nib

Felt Nib

From Feather-light to Bold Strokes.

The biggest enhancement in PenTech 4.0 lies in its finely tuned pen pressure , capturing every stroke from the artist and making writing and drawing become more natural and effortless.

16384 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

2g Initial Activation Force (IAF) [15]

±60° Tilt Support [16][17]

All-New Canvas Glass!
To achieve a lifelike and comfortable visual experience, the screen glass evolved to all-new Canvas Glass, which boasts a finer surface glass etching [18].Combining with full lamination [19] feature to deliver superioranti-glare properties and apaper-like[20] texture. Furthermore, the anti-sparkle display ensures your eyes are free from strain even after long hours of use.

All-New Canvas Glass!

To achieve a lifelike and comfortable visual experience, the screen glass evolved to all-new Canvas Glass, which boasts a finer surface glass etching [18]. Combining with full lamination [19] feature to deliver superior anti-glare properties and a paper-like [20] texture. Furthermore, the anti-sparkle display ensures your eyes are free from strain even after long hours of use.


Reducing eye strain and enabling comfortable reading even under strong lighting.



Enhancing display clarity for a more comfortable viewing experience.



Providing a natural pen-on-paper feel.

Touch and Press,
It's Your Call.

Maximizing workspace can be quite a challenge for artists. The independent keyboard and screen minimize the screen's footprint [21] on your desk while offering a variety of convenient shortcuts.


The intuitive interaction of multi-touch [22] allows you to use gestures like swipe and rotate, enhancing your overall user experience by making navigation and interaction more fluid.

*Multi-touch support is currently available on Windows only.


You also have the flexibility to choose between a one-handed keyboard or a Bluetooth keyboard[23] to make quick and precise text input on the table extension [24].

*The full keyboard and the keyboard holder are sold separately.

Ergonomic Design,
All for Your Smooth Workflow.

Versatile Stand Options: With built-in 20° angle support and 100*100 VESA mount[25] compatibility.

Top-Mounted Ports: Tailored for desktop use and neater cable routing.
Versatile Connectivity: Offering both classic and full-featured USB-C options.

Expanded Interfaces: For added convenience in connectivity.

Operating System.


(Windows 10 and above)


(macOS 10.12 and above)


(Android device interface should meet USB 3.1 + DP 1.2 and above)


(Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)

Recommended Software.

Kamvas Pro 27 supports a variety of mainstream software on the market. You can customize shortcuts, pressure sensitivity, and working area settings through the driver to enhance your experience.

*The terms HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI Trade dress and the HDMI Logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.

Optional Effective Accessories.

  • Adjustable VESA Stand

    Vesa Mount Support
    20°~80° Adjustable Angle

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  • Bluetooth Keyboard

    75% Keyboard
    Scissor Switch Keys

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  • Keyboard Holder

    Hold Keyboard & Mobile Devices
    Save Your Workspace

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  • Desktop Arm

    Adjust to the optimal angle for creation
    Adjust to the ideal angle for watching

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Kamvas Display.

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  • [1] The screen size is measured diagonally, and Kamvas Pro 27 features a full rectangle 27-inch screen.
  • [2] Based on internal testing by Huion's laboratory, the Color Space Coverage values for the three color spaces have been experimentally calibrated.
  • [3] The touch-based OSD menu can be accessed by long-pressing the power button for 3 seconds. Adjustments can be made using the digital pen. You can change the color space from the menu. For specific instructions, please refer to this link.
  • [4] Utilizing Frame Rate Control technology, the screen achieves 1.07 billion display colors.
  • [5] Hardware calibration involves writing calibration data directly into the hardware, reducing the likelihood of color deviation.
  • [6] This Factory Calibration Report covers ΔE value, color space and gamma value.
  • [7] The PW600 has a diameter of φ 11.8 mm, while the PW600S has a diameter of φ 9.5 mm.
  • [8] You can set and change the eraser function of the pen within the driver.
  • [9] PenTech 4.0 utilizes Electron Magnetic Resonance (EMR) technology, sensing without the need for batteries.
  • [10] The screen's edge, referring to the 10mm from the outer edges to the center of the screen, has been optimized for accuracy to within ±1mm.
  • [11] Cursor Auto-Alignment technology, based on internal testing by Huion's laboratory, achieves an accuracy of ±0.2mm when the pen is used at a 30-degree angle to the screen.
  • [12] The pen head diameter has been optimized to φ 3.6 mm, while the pen nib head diameter has been optimized to φ 1.5 mm.
  • [13] Based on internal testing by Huion's laboratory, the Retraction Distance of the pen tip, from a natural state to fully compressed onto the screen, is 0.4mm.
  • [14] The package includes 5 standard pen nibs and 5 felt pen nibs.
  • [15] The data is based on testing conducted in an ideal environment at Huion's internal laboratory.
  • [16] A 60-degree angle refers to the angle from the pen being vertical to tilted.
  • [17] Tilt support is only available in partial software. Please confirm whether the software you are using supports this feature before use.
  • [18] Nanometre Etching Technology creates micro-irregularities on the glass surface, reducing glare reflections and also increasing friction when drawing.
  • [19] Full lamination refers to adhering the liquid crystal layer, touch layer, and cover glass together using Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA).
  • [20] The glass has a hardness of 7H, and the pen tip has a hardness of 5H, eliminating the need for protective films, and the surface glass is scratch-resistant.
  • [21] The non-screen portion dimensions (footprint) on both sides of the product measure 25 mm (per side).
  • [22] Currently, the multi-touch function is only compatible with Windows 10 and later systems.
  • [23] The one-handed keyboard is included with the product, while the Bluetooth keyboard is available for a separate purchase.
  • [24] The table extension is secured with screws, supporting the placement of full keyboards, one-handed keyboards, tablets, and smartphones.
  • [25] The mount is compliant with VESA specifications; you need to purchase it separately if you need a VESA stand.
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