Submissions Open: Huion 'For the Dreamer' Drawing Competition
time:  2024-02-26 08:49:33
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On February 23rd, 2024, Huion launched the "For the Dreamer" drawing competition, inviting artists worldwide to unleash their imagination and creativity.


With Dream/Dreamer as the guiding theme, this contest aims to dig into the potential of artists and capture a magnificent dream world.


In previous years, the drawing competition was held quarterly, each lasting two months. However, the competition duration has been extended to four months this year, providing artists with a relaxed timeframe and allowing them to focus on their creative process.


Draw the Dream on Canvas


Sometimes, dreams are the resource of inspiration; each dream relates to every vision or emotion in your heart. In the "For the Dreamer" contest, we encourage artists to breathe life into their dreams, grab the pen, and create artworks that resonate with the soul. Whether it's a childhood wish, a mysterious tale, or an imagined world, every dream holds a story waiting to be told. 



Here are three drawing themes for you to explore and expand upon:


  • Dreams of Yours: Capture a memorable dream, whether it's a cherished memory, a haunting nightmare, or a surreal experience.

  • Dreams Related to Myth or Legend: Dive into cultural myths and legends, depicting dreams from folklore and tradition.

  • Dream World: Create an original artwork inspired by your dream world, where imagination knows no limits and anything is possible.





Official Start: February 23, 2024, 00:00 PDT

Official Ending: June 23, 2024, 23:59 PDT

Judgment Phase: June 24 - July 7, 2024

Winner Announcement: July 16, 2024, 00:00 PDT


Esteemed Judges


For this contest, we have invited renowned digital artist Amir Zand, known for his concept design and illustration work in popular universes like Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, and Wandering Earth. We also have Klaus Pillon, a French freelance concept artist and illustrator; Roman Kuteynikov, a versatile concept artist and illustrator known for his vivid representations of dreams and fantasies; and Thinh Bui Quang, a freelance artist from Vietnam, drawing inspiration from fairy tales, Nordic mythology, and the wonders of nature.




We'll award our latest Kamvas Pro 19 pen display (worth $1099) for the most innovative and imaginative entry. We have 2 pieces of Kamvas Pro 16 (2.5K) and 3 pieces of Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K) as prizes for excellent entries; additionally, these winners can get a NYXI Wizard Joy-pad.


We also have 4 pieces of Kamvas 12 as honorable mentions and 5 entry lottery prizes (Inspiroy 2 M). Don’t hesitate and let your dreams take flight on canvas!


For more information and to participate, visit the contest page at the link.