Huion Launches Its New Flagship Pen Displays, Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27, at CES 2024
time:  2024-01-05 15:22:04
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Huion is proud to announce the official debut of its two flagship releases, Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27, at CES 2024, officially hitting the market on the same day.

Both pen displays are designed to elevate the overall creation experience for the greatest artists. They feature razor-sharp displays, accurate color reproduction, advanced pen technology, and all-new Canvas Glass.



Starting with a 4K resolution, Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27 offer an immersive experience when users create. Thanks to Huion PenTech 4.0, the new pens, PW600 and PW600S, show enhanced responsiveness, accurately capturing even the lightest touch and stroke. Huion also added programmable side keys and a tail eraser to enhance work efficiency.

Meanwhile, the all-new Canvas Glass featured on Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27 marks a leap forward in display technology. It can work against the grains on the display, even in pure white backgrounds. Additionally, boasting a paper-like texture and anti-glare properties, Canvas Glass redefines the writing experience.

What's most impressive is that the Kamvas Pro 27 screen can present up to 1.07 billion display colors, ensuring smooth and natural color gradients. In addition, to elevate the visual experience, the device incorporates 3D LUT hardware calibration, ΔE<1.5 color accuracy, and is accompanied by a factory calibration report, ensuring higher color precision out of the box. Regarding color gamut, the displays support sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3, making them a perfect choice for post-production, printing, design work, and professional applications.


“We are confident that Kamvas Pro 19/27 will exceed expectations and provide users with the tools they need to bring their creative idea to life.” said Simon, Product Director at Huion.

 A graphic designer from Huion also shared his excitement about the device. “I need a pen display that can deliver color accuracy. Kamvas Pro 27 delivers on that and more. It's a game-changer for my workflow.”


Balancing functionality and artist-friendly design, Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27 are a testament to Huion's commitment to empowering creativity and enhancing efficiency. With the groundbreaking advancements we just mentioned, these pen displays are promising and will elevate the artistic experience for creators worldwide.


Visit us at booth LVCC, Central Hall - 23043, at CES 2024 to witness firsthand the innovation of Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27!


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