Better collaboration
and communication


KAMVAS HUB, the interactive smart board, is a product developed by Huion for application in digital education. The screen of KAMVAS HUB percepts both electromagnetic and infrared touch signal, which significantly improves the interaction between teacher and students. Furthermore, KAMVAS HUB also helps to liven up conferences of various purposes, of which the business report of your company is an example.

Better interactive experience can be realized on the time-efficient Kamvas Hub, which is applicable in both educational and commercial scenarios.

KAMVAS HUB is a seven-in-one combination that functions as projector, electric whiteboard, computer and several other instruments applied daily in speech delivery and conferences. Equipped with 4K HD screen and a customizable OPS module, KAMVAS HUB brings the most impressive dual OS experience you have ever had. KAMVAS HUB not just supports EMR manipulation, but also recognizes infrared touch signal, which features simultaneous response to movements conducted respectively by ten finger tips. Besides, one-touch sharing enables instant connection with other digital devices. Altogether there are three board sizes available that vary from 65 to 86 inches.

Embrace the stunning visual effects brought by Kamvas Hub.

Quick shifting between Windows and Android can be done easily, with both systems being compatible with multiple major software.

One-touch sharing enables instant wireless connection of the HUB and PDA of various kinds, such as your smartphone and PC.

  • Remote conference, training, education and entertainment now can all be realized on the Kamvas Hub.
  • Ultra high definition (4K) LED screen with lifelike displaying effect.
  • Digital pen developed with EMR technology not only brings you the smooth drawing experience, but also prevents unintended marks as palm projection of the screen is activated to help you focus.
  • Ten-point touch enables you to rotate and zoom in and out objects on the screen more easily.