Huion Celebrates 13th Anniversary with 'Art is Long' Tribute
time:  2024-03-11 16:40:08
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Huion, a global leader in digital inked innovation, is celebrating its 13th anniversary in March across all its online platforms.


Founded in 2011, Huion was born to address limited brand choices in the industry, bare features of pen tablets, and prohibitive pricing. From the early favorites appreciated by beginners, like the Inspiroy 420 & H420 pen tablets, to the latest generation of pen displays - Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27, tailored for professionals, Huion has stood stably in the digital ink landscape with its diverse lineup.


Art is Long


The anniversary theme stemmed from the question: will art be left behind as technology marches on? Huion’s answer is Tech marches on. Art is long.


Art form might change along with technological progress, but we firmly believe that the artist's idea and skill will always be timeless, regardless of how mediums change, materials shift, or techniques update. And we will always support the emergence and ultimate presentation of every original inspiration.


Introducing the New Kamvas Pen Displays


The release of Kamvas Pro 19 and Kamvas Pro 27 is designed to fill the vacancy of 19-inch and 27-inch pen displays in the market; they offer artists different size options that fit their workspace, empowering them to create art comfortably and immersed.




Join the Carnival


Huion invites art enthusiasts, art school students, designers, and artists to join the anniversary celebration, which includes drawing competitions, giveaways, and promotions.


For instance, the Journey of 13 drawing contest goes live on its online community. Artists can participate to share their artistic growth and challenges from past years for a chance to win prizes, including Kamvas Pro 13 (2.5K). For updates on additional anniversary activities, follow Huion's social media channels.


Enjoy Salebration Discounts


For artists seeking to elevate their creative tools, this is your opportunity. Dive into Huion's exclusive anniversary sale at Huion's official online store,


During this limited-time event, customers can enjoy discounts of up to 35% on selected products, allowing them to get top-quality equipment at the best prices.




In the coming year, Huion will continue prioritizing user-centric research and development to deliver the most cost-effective and productive creative tools to bring their creative visions to life.



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