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Some of us like to travel to the mountains, the rivers, and the forests. Others may prefer to switch to a different city, wander in those exotic streets. All the memories connected to a special journey. The memory may fade but drawing won't. Share your journey with us.

  1. Q: Can I report an artwork if I found it infringe other people’s artwork?

    A: As we stated, entries must be the original work of the applicant(s), in the sense that it must be designed after the theme reveal date (February 25th). Participants shall not copy or misappropriate others works. Once found, they will be disqualified immediately and bear all the consequences. If you have found the entry has copied or misappropriated others works, you can report to contest@huion.com, using the subject “Misappropriate Entry Report” and listed out: 1. The artwork’s info (title, artist name, etc.); 2.the original artwork that the entry misappropriate/steal; 3. The reason you considered the entry has copied or misappropriated others works.

  2. Q: What will happen after I reported the infringing works?

    A: We will take down the entry first,and then we will contact the participant and ask for an explanation. After that the report will go into the judging period, we will consult experienced artists and designers and then announce the conclusion.

  3. Still got a question? Send your doubts to contest@huion.com