Update Tool

Download the Firmware Update Tool to get the latest firmware of your devices.

Models Supported

Pen Tablet

Inspiroy H420X Inspiroy H430P Inspiroy H1060P Inspiroy RTS-300 Huion HS64 Inspiroy Ink H320M
Inspiroy H580X Inspiroy H950P Huion HS611 Inspiroy RTM-500 Huion HS610 Inspiroy Dial 2 Q630M
Inspiroy H610X Inspiroy H640P Inspiroy H610PRO V2 Inspiroy RTP-700 Inspiroy Giano G930L Keydial mini K20

Pen Display

Kamvas Pro 12 Kamvas GT-191 V2
Kamvas Pro 13 Kamvas 16(2021)
Kamvas Pro 20 Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K)