Two Upgraded Pen Displays Unveiled by Huion: Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) & Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K)
time:  2022-01-06 09:39:58
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On January 5, 2022 (Shenzhen, China), Huion unveils two portable pen displays: 13.3-inch Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and 15.8-inch Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) fully upgraded based on the latest technology. With IPS screen, quantum dot technology, PenTech 3.0 technology, and other innovations, Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) are designed and produced to provide supports for the creators in the fields of illustration, animation, graphic design, image editing, etc.


Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) are thin(10mm) and easy to carry with sleek aluminum alloy back cases. Therefore, they are good choices for outdoor creation.

Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) feature 2.5K resolution. And the pixels of Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) are even twice as many as that of a Full HD display. Together with an aspect ratio of 16:10, these two displays allow users to view more contents at a time, thus boosting work efficiency.


With the latest quantum dot technology, Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) could achieve 145% sRGB color gamut and display 16.7 million colors, which ensure the display to present pictures with high saturation, accurate hue, and natural brightness. 


Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) come with the upgraded digital pen PW517. With PenTech 3.0 technology, PW517 can achieve more natural strokes with high productivity and low latency. 8192-level pressure sensitivity and >300PPS report rate enable the instant reproduction of lines with different shapes and saturation of colors. ±60° tilt recognition supports the realization of various drawing techniques such as shading, sketching, and edging. Besides five standard pen nibs, this PW517 also comes with five felt pen nibs to achieve more natural and accurate pen strokes.


To improve user experience, both Kamvas Pro 13(2.5K) and Kamvas Pro 16(2.5K) are equipped with two USB-C ports to facilitate the connection between the display and other devices. Users can connect the display to computers or Android devices efficiently via a full-featured USB-C to USB-C cable or 3-in-2 cable. Besides, these two displays can also serve as pen tablets. Users can switch to the pen tablet mode and experience a different way of drawing.