Huion Launched Inspiroy 2 Series Drawing Tablets at CES 2023
time:  2023-01-16 16:45:03
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We are excited to see the Huion Inspiroy 2 series of pen tablets showcased on January 5, 2023, at the International Consumer Electronics Show. As the release is also official on our website and online store, let’s look at what you can actually expect from Inspiroy 2.

Inspiroy 2 series pen tablets are the updated edition of Huion's star products, H640P, H950P and H1060P. To satisfy the increasing demands of users for digital drawing, we have enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of the new tablets.


Huion at CES 2023

The industry's first innovation

Getting back to the point, the major upgrade of Inspiroy 2 is the industry's first Group Keys and a Scroller configuration, which aims at streamlining your workflow and boosting work efficiency. One thing I would like to note is that only the Inspiroy 2 M and Inspiroy 2 L models are equipped with three Group Keys for switching between default functions, such as digital drawing, photo editing, and multimedia functions. By pressing the Group Keys, the respective set of shortcuts is enabled instantly, so you can easily immerse yourself in sketching, creating, or online learning.


Available in Three Models

The Scroller has an identical design to the mouse wheel and can be used for zooming the canvas, adjusting the brush size and scrolling the page up or down. It won't take you much time to get used to it. Further, due to its thickness and light weight, Inspiroy 2 is typically portable so that students can finish their schoolwork from home or within the classroom.


Inspiroy 2 M and 2 L unquestionably have a larger working area than Inspiroy 2 S. If you're a graphic designer or concept artist, the Inspiroy 2 M and 2 L pen tablets might be your go-to. By the way, the panel improved the friction by 20%, resulting in a more natural-feeling wiring and drawing experience.

Better Drawing Experience

Vibrant and fashionable outlook

Another highlight is that the tablet is available in different vibrant colors, revitalizing the industry and allowing you to make a choice to your liking. We provide a sweet Sakura Pink specifically for pastel artists, and also, there is a unique Pine Green available for Inspiroy 2 M.


The new pen brings the user experience to the next level

PW110 works stable based on PenTech 3.0 technology. Aside from that, the thinner diameter and a longer silicone grip add up to a comfortable holding experience.


Because they are integrated with a rigid build quality, convenient shortcuts, as well as an aesthetic appearance and an affordable price, the Inspiroy 2 series tablets are the ideal pen tablets that can take you from entry-level to pro. Take the art school students, who may suffer from pricey drawing tablets, and they can now begin illustrating and graphic designing with an Inspiroy 2 pen tablet.


With a portable dimension, Inspiroy 2 is convenient for students and designers who want to create on the go. To learn more about Inspiroy 2, please visit the following links:

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