Huion Launches Inspiroy Dial 2: a pen tablet will double your efficiency
time:  2022-08-15 08:49:05
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Huion launches a new pen tablet, Inspiroy Dial 2. As a leading manufacturer of digital drawing devices around the world, Huion had heard the feedback from users. Compared to Inspiroy Dial, Inspiroy Dial 2 adds one more dial controller on the left side and optimizes the physical shortcuts for improving drawing productivity and work efficiency. 




Dual dial controllers: dial into efficiency

Inspiroy Dial 2 will meet your demand for high efficiency with the two dial controllers, which means they could be programmed and rotated to achieve abundant functions, encouraging you to immerse in creativity.


With the Huion driver preloaded, you can set various functions on the two dial controllers. Generally, default functions have been set in the Dial mode, including zooming in/out, adjusting the brush size and scrolling up/down. Besides, the tablet allows you to set the function with the previous/next song and volume. For RaDial mode, it includes zooming in or out the canvas, adjusting the brush size, undoing, scrolling, etc. Also, you can add extra software that you regularly use to simplify workflow.


The six rigid shortcut buttons are customizable. With a gentle click and you will get decent feedback. One minor but essential tweak for artists is that the physical buttons feature raised bumps to help identify them and significantly enhance your productivity. It's perfect for artists to handle digital painting, 3D modeling and video editing.



Pen and paper: more drawing experience

Huion PenTech 3.0 technology reduces the retraction distance of the battery-free pen by 40%, ensuring the pen draws and writes smoother. The felt pen nib with increased friction is out of the box. In addition, the damping of the working area increases by 20%, and with a more paper-like texture, you can enjoy more lifelike pen-on-paper drawing.


Bluetooth 5.0: higher stability

Inspiroy Dial 2 supports wired and wireless connections (Bluetooth 5.0). Bluetooth 5.0 connection plays a really important role in portability. The tablet transmits the information stably, while it doesn't consume much power. Speaking of power, the power of Inspiroy Dial 2 can support 18 hours of battery life to last all-day working. Notably, the device meets various occasion demands and is suitable for college students, business people and office men. 



Overall symmetrical design: portable and user-friendly

Huion curves the sides of Inspiroy Dial 2 to let you get rid of a sharp corner. Whatever rotates it to 180 or 270 degrees, the pen tablet is always symmetrical. And the USB-C port sits at the center of the left side, it won't vex you with any discomfort to your hands when a USB-C cable is plugged in, so it perfectly fits both left and right-handed users.

In terms of its build quality and new upgrades, Huion Inspiroy Dial 2 is a reliable device that can bring you better drawing performance and an improved user experience. With a decent size, it's ideal for you to carry out. For more information about Inspiroy Dial 2, please visit: