Year-End Celebration on a Distant Planet Drawing Contest Now Open for Submissions
time:  2023-10-17 15:00:58
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Looking back on the year 2023, as we set forth towards the Neo future from Earth, we we encountered marvelous sights and experienced extraordinary adventures.


Upon reaching the new planet, we grappled with the challenge of establishing a harmonious community and experienced a sizzling summer festival. The new year's approach marks not just the end of a year but the start of venturing into a new way of life. And now, we're glad to announce that the drawing contest for the year-end celebration on a distant planet is now open for entries! The contest starts on October 12, 2023, and will end on December 25, 2023. Grab your brush and illustrate your take on the canvas.


We eagerly anticipate artworks that can reflect the atmosphere of this festival. For example:

Costume: Show us clothes that people might wear at the party, combining the planet's materials with styles from their original cultures.


Food: A grand feast where dishes are shared. People will use ingredients from the planet, but cook them using recipes from their old homes.


Events: Think of special activities or ceremonies people might have at the party. Use ideas from your own culture, but add elements from the planet to make it fit in.


Decoration: What will the party decorations look like? Think of using things found on the planet but designed with a touch of their home cultures.


Prize Pool

As always, the prize pool boasts high-valued products, including Kamvas Pro 24 (4K), the cost-effective Kamvas Pro 16 (2.5K), and Kamvas 13. We are also offer winners of honorable mentions with the Inspiroy Dial 2. What's unique this time is that we're providing five prizes of Inspiroy 2 M as a lottery, randomly selected from participants who submit an entry.



Erin: A Visual Development artist based in the Los Angeles area with a rich background, including Netflix Animation, Disney Animation, Taiko Studios, and Cartoon Network Studios.


Gavin: An Irish concept artist and illustrator in the field of animation and video games, currently working as a Senior Environment Concept Artist for Disruptive Games, based in Porto, Portugal.

Ann_maulina: A comic freelancer artist from Indonesia who is currently working on her original webcomic Raruurien ( and her comic book work.

Huion Team: A dedicated committee of Huion staff members who will serve as judges, casting their votes for the most theme-related, creative, and skilled artworks.


Learn more details about the contest: