Superior Performance
Delivers a Vivid World.

Kamvas Pro 20(2019)

Present your creativity

Immersive drawing experience brought by gorgeous colors.

Try to immerse yourself in drawing or designing with Kamvas Pro 20(2019) that boasts 120%sRGB in color gamut and 16.7 million colors, which will bring the quality of your works to a new height.

Every detail is lively displayed.

Have your drawing or design fully displayed on the 19.5inch IPS screen that boasts 1920×1080 resolutions, with each detail to be lively rendered. Besides, 178° viewing angle of the screen can further ensure the quality of imaging.

No air gap in between.

Application of the full lamination crafts not only eliminates the air gap between the IPS screen and AG glass, but also optimizes the cursor positioning and allows more luminance to come through the AG glass, where the frosted surface will bring you lifelike drawing experience as drawing on paper.

Create your work

Unleash your creativity with
digital pen PW507.

Battery-free digital pen PW507 is ergonomically designed to bring you a comfortable grip. Dual buttons on the pen that are programmable can further improve your work efficiency. Stylish pen holder that contains 10 spare nibs and one nib clip is created to bring you more convenience.

Smooth and natural lines.

Let your creativity flourish with >200PPS report rate and 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity that ensure smooth and delicate line presentation.

To add shading in a dynamic way.

±60° tilt support allows you to add shading to your works in a more dynamic way, as each stroke input can be vibrantly displayed on the screen as your gesture changes.

To create yourself a more
comfortable studio.

Creative ideas realized with your finger tips.

16 programmable express keys and two touch bars are created to improve your work efficiency, which is user-friendly as it supports both left-handed and right-handed users.

Ideal creation position.

The integrated stand that comes together with Kamvas Pro 20(2019) allows you to create at your best angle. Try to pull the slider on the stand and fix your ideal angle varying from 20° to 80°.



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