Same Performance
in a Carry-on Size.

Kamvas Pro 12
To create without restriction.

Full lamination, better color presentation.

Magic screen.

Full-laminated IPS screen with frosted surface, 178° viewing angle and 1920×1080 high resolution.
  • 1920 x 1080


  • 178

    viewing angle

  • AG glass

    full lamination

We got the color you want.

16.7 million colors, 120% sRGB wide gamut available to liven up your work.

Embrace the pleasure
brought by creation.

Outstanding in both appearance and performance.

The full-laminated screen is not just good for color presentation but also strengthens the whole screen. The cursor on the screen keeps close and moves simultaneously to the nib, without causing any parallax. The frosted surface of AG glass brings users the same feeling as drawing on paper.

Digital Pen PW507.

Stylus with a flexible nib not only reduces grip fatigue but also renders 8192 levels of pressure.

Fast and fluid performance.

>220PPS report rate ensures instant and accurate response.

±60° tilt support.

Digital pen PW507 developed with ±60° tilt support enables handwriting input strokes to be accurately rendered as various shapes on software that supports brush tilt.

Pixel-level accuracy.

5080LPI pen resolution ensures smooth and constant lines.

Good design, good
performance, for better
working conditions.

Ergonomic design.

Digital pen PW507 is battery free with a comfortable grip.

We think you may need a pen holder.

Both vertical and horizontal pen placements are supported, with a nib clip inside for nib replacement.

Touch bar plus 4 express keys.

4 user-defined express keys and a touch bar to control canvas zooming, brush adjusting and page scrolling.

Multi-angle adjustable stand.

Foldable stand with six angles available for adjustment.
angles available for adjustment :
  • 45 degrees
  • 22.5 degrees
  • 41.5 degrees
  • 19.5 degrees
  • 37 degrees
  • 14.5 degrees

Three-in-one cable.

Deepened hidden type-C interface to reinforce wire connection, three-in-one cable to reduce wire bundles.



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