Kamvas Pro 20

Get yourself an

Kamvas Pro 20
19.5" more space for creation

Create on a larger workspace.

19.5inch screen brings user a larger area for creation, which will be of great help to your work no matter what kind of designer you are.

Professional color

FHD+IPS screen with etched surface.

FHD+IPS screen boasts 1920X1080 in resolution. Anti-glare glass with etched surface and several light filters prevents your eyes from harmful glare.

178° wide viewing angle.

Viewing angle is widened to 178°, ensuring the same delicate presentation seen from different angles without any distortion.

Gorgeous colors.

The 100% sRGB wide color gamut can present 16.7 million colors, which has magnificent color effect and can greatly reduce the color difference, making the dark surface clear and the bright surface without distortion.

A screen to unfold your
outburst creativity.

Lines down the pen run in parallel with ideas in your brain.

Huion stylus is developed with the innovative battery-free technology plus the unique flexible pen core, the report rate has improved to the highest standard (266PPS) in the industry, which has unparalleled cursor tracking effect.

Subtlety grasped in your hand.

Get yourself inspired as any creative ideas in your mind can be realized vividly on the screen with a stylus that boasts 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Lines input will be rendered as various shapes as the pressure applied changes.

±60° tilt support.

Digital pen PW500 with ±60°tilt support enables imitation of lines input with different gestures on the screen under software with the same function.

higher efficiency.

A pen with comfortable grip.

Digital pen PW500 is ergonomically designed with a silicone grip that is anti-slip and sweat proof; 10mm sensing height ensures instant capture of pen orientation and thus the higher efficiency; dual buttons on the pen created with feature that prevents unintended press can be programmed as eraser or the right mouse key.

A pen holder should help.

Pen holder with a nib clip for nib replacement supports both vertical and horizontal pen placement.

Shortcut mode available to improve efficiency.

16 programmable express keys and two touch bars are available to create yourself an exclusive studio, which will ensure you a more flexible and high-efficient working condition.

To create better with the multi-angle
adjustable stand.

The 20°- 80°adjustable stand is characterized by the classic design of straight rail and slide fastener which is robustness as well as easy to operate. Fix the stand to an angle that fits you most via pulling the slider intgrated to the stand.