Express yourself freely.

Inspiroy H430P

Enchanting Design.

Pen tablet H430P with the minimum thickness of 6.3mm that weighs the same as a mobile phone ensures users more convenience and less fatigue when they are playing osu! or drawing.
  • 6.3mm
  • 135g

Stretch your
creativity via lines.

The delicacy of lines is visible.

4096 levels of pressure sensitivity not only renders the smoothness and delicacy of lines that are input with various pressure, but also helps users to better express themselves.

Amazingly clear presentation.

5080LPI pen resolution enables you to express yourself freely and focus more on details. The higher the value is, more detailed modification can be realized on your works.

Inspiration and lines run in parallel.

233PPS report rate ensures instant response to pen movements, and therefore brings users smooth drawing experience, enabling their inspiration and lines to run in parallel.

Favorable surroundings
make outstanding
works possible.

Battery-free pen that needs no charge.

No need of charge as EMR technology and battery free pen PW201 are combined to facilitate your work.

All efforts are done for more convenience.

4 programmable express keys on the panel are ready to bring users more convenience and have work efficiency improved.


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