Seize the Inspiration

Inspiroy Q11K V2

Create without

Just the right size for creative work.

11×6.875inch area is active to respond instantly to any pen movements headed by your inspiration, ensuring enough space for you to release your inspiration flow.

Constant lines, constant inspiration.

High-speed trajectory sensing technology applied to Q11K V2 enables the tablet to give instant feedback as the pen moves. >220PPS report rate ensures constant inspiration flow without any interruption.

Create vitality with the
pen in your hand.

Lines of diverse shapes.

Works completed or even a single line created with digital pen PW500 are natural and lively, as they are rendered by 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Create the way you like.

Digital pen PW500 with ±60° tilt support enables imitation of lines input with different gestures on the screen, bringing the same feeling as drawing on paper.

Smooth and neat strokes.

5080LPI pen resolution ensures smooth and delicate lines input with the digital pen, which not just livens up presentation of the whole picture, but also manifests the outstanding drawing skills of the user.

Canvas to unfold
your creativity.

30 hours long battery life.

A fully charged battery can support your wireless creation for about 30 hours. Battery technology developed by Huion also supports casual charging with USB connenction whenever your battery runs out of power.

Save your time with express keys.

Make full use of express keys available as they are programable. A switch is located on the side of the tablet to disable the shortcut function of express keys.

Get the most from Q11K V2 with digital pen PW500.

Battery free digital pen PW500 with a silicone grip and buttons of design that prevents unintended press brings better user experience to consumers. 10mm sensing height is just right to capture any pen movement as you intend.

What brought by a pen holder is more than convenience.

Have your pen rest on the donut-shaped pen holder, where a nib clip is included for nib replacement.


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