WH1409 V2

Enlarged, for your
creative ideas.

Inspiroy WH1409 V2

Big enough for you to express your

Battery free pen tablet WH1409 V2 boasts 13.8×8.6inch working area, providing enough space for creation.

What indicated is beyond colors.

Intelligent indicators of WH1409 V2 are created for users to have a better understanding of the device status, and thus to get the tablet well-prepared for oncoming creative works.

What indicated is
beyond colors.

Each stroke is a wonder.

Whatever you draw and write, lines input will be delicately rendered by 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, realizing what you intend to express on the screen.

When inspiration intertwines with creation.

266PPS report rate ensures instant feedback to any pen movements, without compromising of accuracy.

Digital pen with ±60° tilt support.

Digital pen PW500 with ±60° tilt support enables imitation of lines input with different gestures on software with such function available. The same feeling as writing or drawing on paper can be realized with accuracy ensured.

Make precise modification a reality.

10mm sensing height, ±0.3mm accuracy and 5080LPI pen resolution work together to secure delicate presentation of every single pixel contained in lines input with the digital pen.

Strive for better user

Pen with ergonomic design.

Digital pen PW500 with ergonomic design not only brings users buttons that prevent unintended press, but also provides a comfortable silicone grip to release fatigue. Pen holder PH05 with a nib extractor can be used for pen placement and nib replacement.

Individualize your WH1409 V2.

12 keys are available for user-defined shortcut setup, and as they are located within reach, the efficiency of your work will be further improved.

Wireless and limitless.

2.4G wireless connectivity frees users from restriction of wire bundles and meanwhile possesses them a clean desktop.