Enjoy progress
achieved in drawing.

Kamvas 16

Cradle where your
inspiration was born.

Just the right size for creation.

Kamvas 16 with a 15.6 inch big screen is slim, easy-to-carry and space friendly.
  • 14mm

  • 1.5kg

    net weight
  • 15.6inch

    panel size

Optimized color presentation.

The screen of pen display Kamvas 16 is made in golden ratio 16:9. 178°viewing angle and 1920×1080 of resolution enable you to capture the brilliance of imaging no matter where you stand in front of the device.
  • 178°

    viewing angle
  • 1920X1080

  • 16:9

    aspect ratio

Protective anti-glare glass.

Application of the anti-glare glass not just optimizes the luminance on the screen and alleviate the glare generates in the surroundings. The matte surface of it also brings you lifelike drawing experience as brought by real paper.

Draw what you want.

Clear details, rich layers.

The pixel-level pen resolution 5080LPI ensures smooth and constant lines, making delicate details a reality.

More delicate strokes.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity contributes to clean lines and delicate strokes that make your works more exquisite.

Enjoy the way you create.

Personalize your pen display.

To draw with both hands working. Create lines with the pen griped in your hand, and have your works modified with the touch bar and express keys located on the panel, which can be programmed as whatever that may facilitate your operation.

A pen needs no wire and charge.

Battery-free digital pen PW507 needs no charge and wire. 10mm of sensing height sets free your way of drawing. Pen holder with a clip for nib replacement supports both vertical and horizontal pen placement.

A tidy desktop.

Three-in-one cable combines HDMI, power charge and USB connections together, which not just frees users from wire bundles but also brings them a tidy desktop.



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