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  • G10T
Get Your Huion Tablet Ready to
Power Your Distance Education
Huion interactive distance learning solution has digitalized the traditional way we learn with a blackboard,without compromising a easy way to set up the device.Combination of the original handwriting input technology and multimedia enables content written on the tablet to be synchronized on the screen,which would help to realize a more interactive and productive class.
Huion tablet optimizes your experience
on distance education platforms and applications
*More platforms and programs are supported.
Set up Your Huion Tablet
Tablet Express Keys Setup for Power Point
  • Key F5: Start Display from Beginning
  • Key N: Move Forward
  • Key P: Move Backward
  • Key Esc: Quit the Display Mode
  • Key E: Erase Comments
  • Ctrl+ M: Create a New Slide
  • Ctrl+ D: Duplicate the Slide
  • Ctrl+ Z: Revoke
  • Ctrl+ S: Save the File
How can I comment on programs of Microsoft Office?
Demonstration on OBS
Demonstration on XSplit
Your Education and Work Get Easier
with Huion Technology
The way we learn and work is undergoing significant evolution with digital technology. Huion digital device combined with computers and the Internet provides us an easier way to learn as the traditional education instruments are digitalized, which enables the distance education and brings a more interactive solution. Besides, more convenience will be found as you comment and illustrate with handwriting.
Your Partner for Distance Learning