Huion Unveils Its Latest Kamvas 22 & Kamvas 22 Plus to Empower Artists Around the World
time:  2020-07-10 15:18:49
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Shenzhen, China, July 10,2020. Huion, one of the leading manufacturers of graphic input devices, launched two 21.5-inch pen displays today, namely Kamvas 22 and its higher configuration version Kamvas 22 Plus. These two pen displays again demonstrate the diversity of Huion products, which enable users to choose a more suitable device based on their budgets and needs.

2.jpg                                                                    Kamvas 22 & 22 Plus

The most exciting part about these two products is the screen. Kamvas 22 Plus that boasts a QD LCD not only blocks out blue light but also brings a wider color gamut of 140% sRGB and an optimized contrast ratio of 1200:1. Together with a full-laminated anti-glare etched glass that can minimize parallax and reduce glare, this pen display creates a wonderful device for professional creative workers who have higher demands on display. While Kamvas 22 equipped with an anti-glare matte film is able to alleviate the reflection of glare and bring users pen-on-paper drawing experience.


The exterior design of Kamvas 22 and Kamvas 22 Plus is simple and sleek. Unlike their predecessors, there are no programmable press keys and touch bars on these two products. Instead, a hidden USB-A port is available for the connection to external peripherals, allowing users to work with their most familiar gadgets such as a designer keyboard. In addition, Kamvas 22 and Kamvas 22 Plus also support the connection to computers, tablets, and phones, which increase the versatility of these two products.


Kamvas 22 & 22 Plus

Equipped with the latest digital pen PW517 that is developed based on Huion PenTech 3.0, both Kamvas 22 and Kamvas 22 Plus can bring users more lifelike drawing experience with better drawing accuracy. These two products also featured 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which enables lines to be rendered in different width and saturation as the pressure applied changed. With ±60°tilt support, Kamvas 22 and Kamvas 22 Plus also allow users to add shading in a more vibrant way and help users to unfold their drawing techniques as using a real pencil.


As an international supplier of graphic input devices, Huion has always been dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly products that empower artists around the world to achieve their dreams.