From Digital Writing to Digital Drawing, Huion Moves Towards a Global Brand
time:  2022-03-17 14:53:51
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The 11th anniversary of the founding of Huion came on March 12th, 2022. From digital handwriting to digital drawing, Huion grew into an enterprise that independently produces core chips, core modules, and entire machines. As a leading provider of digital drawing devices, Huion has brought many popular and groundbreaking products to consumers during the past 11 years. 


Strong R&D strength is the key to success

As the Internet has been reshaping the world for a long time, the flourishing digitalization has greatly influenced many domains of social life. Just 11 years ago, Huion was driven into the digital handwriting industry by this wave of digitalization. 

“Technology + Innovation” was made as the main strategy of Huion, and the company has always stuck to this strategy over the past years. 

Focusing on innovation, Huion has poured a growing amount of resources into research and development (R&D) activities. Now Huion has two R&D departments and a digit-tech joint lab (Huion-Southern University of Science and Technology Digit-tech Joint Lab). 

Thanks to the professional teams from these two departments, Huion made many breakthroughs in pen technology and pen displays. Based on PenTech 1.0 and PenTech 2.0, Huion developed more advanced PenTech 3.0, which greatly shortens the retraction distance of a pen nib to only 0.3mm when using a digital pen, thus enhancing the pen experience. Besides, some Huion pen displays now achieve the highest levels of pressure sensitivity and the fastest report rate in the industry. Two of them even boast the incredible 145% sRGB color gamut. 

Innovative products offered to the world by Huion 

Huion was the first to adopt the full-featured USB-C to USB-C cables to connect devices in the industry. In 2021, Huion launched KD200, the first pen tablet which combines a keyboard and a dial together in the industry. In 2022, Huion successfully applied 2.5K resolution to a small-size pen display and then rolled out two powerful pen displays, Kamvas Pro 13 & 16(2.5K), providing more practical and portable tools for professional creators to draw better artworks. Huion also launched a large high-end pen display Kamvas Pro 24(4K) for artists who enjoy large monitors. For digital education, Huion developed three popular Bluetooth pen tablets—A5H series (A5H-A, A5H-B, and A5H-C), which are ideal for a smart classroom because they can support up to 60 students during lessons.  


Huion is striving to be a global brand 

Today there are nearly 10 million people who use Huion pen tablets, pen displays, or digital pens all over the world. Huion sells more and more graphic input devices to customers from Europe, Southeast Asia, North America and so on through 15 Amazon sites and gradually becomes a global brand. Huion is always striving to create excellent devices with high performance to reach more creators who love digital drawing and writing.

Eleven years ago, Huion started in digital writing technology, then ran into the digital drawing industry.

In the future, Huion will continue to provide useful pen tablets and pen displays and try to step further—creating not only hardware devices but also popular software.