Huion Mini Keydial KD100 Was One of the Winners of Red Dot [2022]
time:  2022-04-06 10:26:06
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We are glad to share that Huion Mini Keydial KD100 became one of the winners of Red Dot [2022] recently. The Red Dot Award is one of the three most influential design awards around the world. The Red Dot Lable is recognized as a sought-after mark of quality for good design.  

Mini Keydial KD100 is a controller launched by Huion in 2021. The handy pocket-sized controller can work with multiple popular software and is a great tool to speed the workflow and boost productivity. 


Besides the 2021 Golden Pin Design Award and 2021 Goldreed Industrial Design Award, it was the third time that Mini Keydial KD100 won a design award due to its innovative and outstanding design. This controller is different from pen displays and pen tablets which are the main products of Huion, and it marks a steady step that Huion has taken to expand the product range.