Empowered by innovation, Huion Aims to Bring Digital Ink Solutions Worldwide
time:  2023-03-09 11:02:14
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SHENZHEN, March 12, 2023 -- Huion, a leading innovator and manufacturer of digital drawing devices, is celebrating its 12th anniversary across all the platforms, including the official website, social networking sites as well as the official community.

Founded in 2011, Huion has grown from a startup to an industry leader in the last decade. When asked what the secret to its success is, Huion will say it is Innovation. Huion acted to provide its customers with the best products and cutting-edge technology. As a result, it rapidly developed as a global brand with good reputation around the world. For the time being, it's an honor to see Huion become a baseline of comparison in the industry, frequently referred to and recommended by communities and creatives due to its great value.

Huion sticks to “Technology + Innovation” strategy

In recent years, things have moved quickly. Huion strives for a "Technology + Innovation" strategy as it expands its product line ranging from entry-level to high-end workflow, catering to a diverse range of creators and professionals.

From 2022 to 2023, Huion has introduced the industry's largest pen tablet, Inspiroy Giano; the industry's first pen tablet with dual dial controllers, Inspiroy Dial 2; in addition, it rolled out its first smart digital notebook, Huion Note; and the intuitive Inspiroy 2 series of tablets; recently, it introduced the new pen computers Kamvas Studio 16 & 24, which drew much attention and caused heated discussion, making the industry more prosperous.

As for technological achievement, Huion's pen technology had undergone a revolution. It debuted the latest PenTech 3.0+, which was designed to give artists and creators a more natural writing experience. The new pen technology is first used on the PW550 and PW550S battery-free pens. More linear pressure sensitivity causes the pens to react more consistently and smoothly, much like a real pen. The pen cursor has better precision, taking the user experience to the next level.

During that time, Huion also won design awards, such as GOLDEN PIN DESIGN AWARD 2022 and Red Dot Design Award 2022. It is undeniably a form of recognition and encouragement for Huion, propelling it to greater heights.

Huion's prospects in the near future

Huion's mission is to bring digital ink solutions to more people around the world, allowing them to express their ideas and values with boundless imagination and creativity, regardless of their background and status. Today, Huion users come from all over the world, including Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and Australia.

It has rapidly responded and changed to the challenges and pressure from the ever-changing world. Aside from that, Huion actively hears suggestions and feedback from users.

We've seen the power of innovation, and we still believe it's the key to the longevity of an enterprise. In the foreseeable future, Huion will continue to innovate, set the standard, and lead the way in the digital drawing devices industry.