The official preorder for Kamvas Studio 16 & 24 is available
time:  2023-02-14 15:18:00
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Huion has grown steadily as a result of the release of low-cost, high-quality products. The debut of Kamvas Studio 16 and Studio 24 pen computers at CES 2023 drew a lot of attention and sparked heated discussions on social media and in our Official Community


A good news here is that preorders are now being accepted until March 14. Kamvas Studio 16 is priced at $1,699 and features a sleek design, portable size, an upgraded pen stylus, and other user-friendly features for work and entertainment. Kamvas Studio 24 is priced at $2,399 and includes a large and beautiful screen, a decent chip with excellent performance, and well-equipped ports. We would include a free Keydial Mini as a gift with preorders on our Official Online Store, as well as free shipping (except Global Site). For more information on presale, please visit our Official Online Store.


Both the pen computers will not only help you build a standalone workstation, but will also help you streamline your workflow. With a sleek and slender build, Kamvas Studio 16 is portable enough to fit into your bag, and Kamvas Studio 24, with a 23.8-inch big screen, is designed for studio or professional use. Although details can be found on the Official Website, here's where I'll briefly introduce the pen computers.




All Kamvas Studio pen computers are built top-notch and extremely durable. Kamvas Studio 24 will undoubtedly expand your workspace thanks to its well-rounded ports for external peripherals.



Whilst, for the sake of portability and aesthetics, Kamvas Studio 16 only has dual full-featured USB-C ports on its side, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.


The 15.8-inch pen computer is extremely convenient for binge-watching. You can free your hands by using the integrated kickstand when watching Netflix TV series. You can also edit your document and slide on the pen computer by using a wireless keyboard, just like a laptop. Work, play and create, this 3-in-1 pen computer will save your workspace and help to keep your table clean.


Getting back to Kamvas Studio 24, this pen computer delivers an excellent multitasking performance in graphics design, post-production, animation production and so on. So that professional software like Blender, PR, PS, AI, SAI, and GIMP can run without delay and lag. It could be the best option for art schools and game developers because they can multitask at home with this AIO device.


Featuring a higher resolution (2560 X 1440)  than the previous Kamvas Studio 22, both of Kamvas Studio 16 and Kamvas Studio 24 will bring sharper images to encourage artists to immerse themselves in creation and video gaming. Furthermore, the rich and vivid colors, as well as precise color delivery, can be expected on the excellent monitors, all of which contribute to life-like graphics.


Another highlight of the launch is the new pens, PW550 and PW550S. They come with the most recent Huion PenTech 3.0+. To be more specific, the pens have better linear pressure sensitivity, which resembles similar writing on paper with a real pen. Besides, some other tweaks are also welcome. The pen head, for example, becomes small, resulting in no visual parallax between the pen tip and the glass.


It should be noted that only PW550S will be available at Kamvas Studio 16. It's skinny and easy to hold, which is made to reduce hand fatigue during long drawing sessions. Both pen computers will allow you to unlock creativity and increase productivity on the touchscreens.


For the past decade, Huion has been committed to innovation. We hope that the release of the new pen computers will stimulate the industry and facilitate the growth of digital drawing input industry, providing a variety of options for professional creators, artists, and designers. If you are into Kamvas Studio 16, please check more details here. For Kamvas Studio 24, please click here.