Huion x ibisPaint: three drawing tablets can work on iOS
time:  2022-11-24 09:20:52
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Huion and ibisPaint teams came together for the first time a couple of days ago on Nov 17th. It enables Huion drawing tablets- Inspiroy Keydial, Inspiroy Giano, and Inspiroy Dial 2, to be used on iOS now, incredibly making your digital drawing easier. For more details on this collaboration, check out here

Up to now, the update is only available for Inspiroy Keydial, Inspiroy Giano, and Inspiroy Dial 2. However, it still is a qualitative leap, showcasing that you can draw and paint on the three pen tablets with your iPhone and iPad via the preloaded ibisPaint APP. This improvement will give your digital drawing more possibilities. You can capture the inspiration at the moment wherever you are. In addition to that, what else can you expect from these tablets?

Better Drawing Experience

The pen styluses of Inspiroy Keydial, Inspiroy Giano, and Inspiroy Dial 2 are powered by Huion PenTech 3.0 technology, owning more stability and delivering 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. These tablets support pen pressure sensitivity adjustment within the ibisPaint APP, and various brushes are available to unleash your creativity for digital drawing.

Higher Working Efficiency

The dual side buttons on the stylus and six physical buttons that sit next to the tablet can be customized to your most used shortcuts. Besides, you will be able to conveniently access more shortcuts with the multi-touch function of ibisPaint, boosting your work productivity.

More Inspiration On-the-Go
Some of Huion Inspiroy series of drawing tablets are ultra-portable with their lightweight and slim dimensions. With ibisPaint, you can dive into drawing or taking notes anytime, anywhere.

Check out the relative FAQs for the update here