Huion Reveals Details about the 1st Gen Huion Note
time:  2022-08-15 09:54:49
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Huion, dedicated to designing and manufacturing pen tablets, pen displays and relevant accessories, launched the 1st generation of Huion Note on August 31, 2022 (Shenzhen, China). 


Huion Note

Compared to the Huion regular pen tablets and pen displays, Huion Note is lightweight and portable. The ideal dimension and premium PU leather protective cover make its overall shell delicate, and the simple but high-end design makes it an elegant feel in touch.


This samrt digital notebook can be widely used by business people, office workers, and campus students to improve working efficiency without changing the traditional method of taking notes. 


It's compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, meaning the users can dive into the unit on the go.


What Makes It Outstanding?


Battery-free Digital Pen

Huion Note comes with a digital pen Huion Scribo 2, the 2nd Gen Huion Scribo, which uses the passive EMR technology for battery-free. It's powered by PenTech 3.0 to shorten retraction distance and ensure accurate lines and strokes. That helps to provide a better writing experience. In addition, Huion Scribo 2 supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity to bring users an immersed and smooth writing feeling.


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is not the latest technology but is leading the market's competitors.  We can expect to pair the device in two ways after turning on the Bluetooth, scanning the QR code on the back of the Huion Note (download and install the Huion Note APP on your phone/tablet first), or selecting “Huion Note” on the list of paired devices.


One thing we need to pay attention to is that Huion Note can be used as a pen tablet only when connected to a computer.

Additional Functions

-Time-synced notes

-Add recordings

-Notes & audio playback simultaneously

-Support merging & splitting notes 


The device is feature-rich besides things we mentioned before. It is a reliable unit that properly applies to office people and students. For instance, it supports synchronizing the notes or paintings that users take or draw on Huion Note to their phone or tablet in real-time. They can keep the data on their device.


What's more, Huion Note allows you to record the sounds simultaneously while taking notes, and it resembles what you thought at the moment when you made a note. It will help a lot with meeting minutes and taking class notes. So that's why we say it's perfect for people who have requirements for taking notes.


Huion Note

Final Words


With a 1300mAh battery capacity, Huion Note has a long battery life of 18 hours. So that the application scenarios are not limited, and it's convenient for people to sketch and take notes anytime, anywhere. For more info about it, please visit: