Q2-2023 LIVING AMONG STARS CONTEST is now accepting entries!
time:  2023-04-17 15:38:49
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We are pleased to announce that Huion's official drawing contest for the second quarter of 2023 is now open for submissions.

The competition's primary goal is to provide an opportunity for all artists and art hobbyists, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, to demonstrate their insight and extraordinary talents and skills. 



Continuing the subject of the NEW LIGHT YEAR TOWARD THE NEO FUTURE, the contest for the second quarter has the theme of LIVING AMONG STARS.

In the course of our exploration and search for a new planet to call home, we encountered marvelous species and breathtaking vistas. We rejoice for the safe arrival and the start of a new life. But have you ever imagined what life may be like in a new home? 

This time, we want to challenge artists to create a new community on this faraway planet. People from different cultures come together to make a new home while preserving their cherished traditions and customs. 

It may incorporate a particular iconic part of a country's or culture's architecture into the design of the new neighborhood. For example, some settlers would like to build a temple based on ancient Mayan pyramids. 

Or different cultures blend their culinary traditions to create new dishes that reflect the unique environment of the alien planet. For example, the settlers from Japan and Mexico collaborate to create a fusion cuisine that incorporates both their iconic foods.

You should also take the climate and terrain of the alien planet into consideration. Perhaps in the desert regions, people will build structures that provide shade from the harsh sun and sandstorms, while settlers from colder climates build homes with insulation to keep them warm in the frigid environment.

Your artwork should inspire the viewers' imagination about what life in this new community may be like and how it might differ from life on Earth. Both traditional and digital art (Illustration, 3D, animation, comic) are welcomed. Regarding the criteria, we place a high priority on originality, creativity, completeness as well as the overall aesthetic quality of the piece.

Judge Committee

This worldwide competition is judged by our honorable judges: 

  • LEON TUKKER: Concept Artist for Wizards of the Coast

  • KIRILL LEONOV: Concept Artist

  • @OLIVERBECKART: Senior Concept Artist for Terraform Studios



The competition will officially end on June 12, 2023. And the winners will be announced on July 5, 2023. There are 11 alluring prizes in the prize pool. Now take on the challenge! To find out more details about the contest, please visit the link here