Kamvas 13
Product Connection

The display supports the connection of a computer and Android device, please refer to the following connection method. 
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3-in-1 Type-C Cable

Connect the pen display to your computer with 3-in-1 Cable.

Generally the device can be powered on when the black USB-A cable is connected to your computer. A flashing screen of the device may indicate a low battery, in which case you are suggested to connect the red colored USB-A cable to another USB interface on your computer or the power adaptor. The power adaptor is not included in the package and requires extra cost. Power adaptor of your mobile phone is also compatible.

USB-C to USB-C Cable(Optional)

Connect the display to your computer or Android device with USB-C to USB-C cable:

USB-C to USB-C cable is not included in the package and requires extra cost. You can buy it in the Store.


Kamvas 13 is the first pen display that supports connectivity with Android device via a USB-C to USB-C cable. 
*USB-C on device should at least support USB3.1 GEN1 data transfer protocol and DP 1.2.
*Extra power supply is needed under connection with Android device.
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