Mini Keydial
Dail Function Setting

You can customize the features of the Dial, and you can uncheck "Enable Dial" in the lower left corner to turn off the Dial function.   
Click the Dial for a pop-up box where you can see the three groups of current settings and to modify them.        
There are four properties for the Dial, which are Default, Multimedia, Customize Function, and None.


1. Default Features

You can zoom in/out on canvas, Adjust Brush Size, Scroll Up/Down.

Dial 1.png

2. Multimedia

To realize the functions such as previous song, next song, play/pause, volume up, volume down.

Dial 3.png

3. Customize Features

Input the features under rotate right / rotate left.
After the setting, you can rotate the Dial to realize corresponding features.

Dial 4.png

4. None

When select None, the keys will have no function.