Inspiroy Keydial
Troubleshooting Solutions

There is no pressure in the graphics software but the cursor moves.

You may have installed other tablet drivers or opened the drawing software when installing the driver. Please uninstall all drivers and close the drawing software, then reinstall the Huion driver. It's better to restart your computer after finishing the installation.

The pen does not work.

1. Make sure you are using the pen that originally came with your tablet.
2. Make sure you installed the driver correctly.

Press Keys does not work.

1. Make sure the Press Keys function were enabled in the driver.
2. Make sure you have correctly defined the Press Keys.
3. Check if the press lock switch is on the unlock position.

The side button of the pen doesn't work.

When pressing the side button, please make sure that the nib didn't touch the tablet surface and the distance between the nib and surface is within 10mm.

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