Inspiroy Keydial

Press Key Test 

1. Click "Diagnose", and select the device you want to test from the “Device Info”

2. Press these buttons one at a time to test them. Each time you press a key, its number will be displayed on the left next to the “Press Key”.


Pen Test 

1. Click “Diagnose”, you will see the below interface, hold the pen within 10mm (0.4 inches) from the surface of the tablet, and you will see relevant data appearing in the “Device Info”. Move the pen across the surface of the tablet, and the pressure value will change accordingly.

2. Press the pen nib to the surface. When you press it with your maximum force, the pressure value should change from 0% to 100%.

3. Press the pen nib and pen press keys one at a time. When the pen nib does not touch the tablet, the “Pen Button” will show 0; when it touches, 1; when you press the down press key, 2; when you press the up press key, 3.


Touch Test 

Note: If the basic touch functions (such as moving the cursor with your finger) can be used normally, while other touch- functions cannot, please reinstall the driver.

1. Move your finger on the surface of the tablet to move the cursor.

2. Touch a folder/program to select; tap twice to open it.

3. If your device has a status indicator light, when you touch the active area of the device, the indicator light should be on.


Dial Test

1.Click “Diagnose”, and select the device you want to test.

2.Slide your finger along the side of the Dial, and check whether the “Dial/Touch” indicates the current movement of the finger on the Dial.